7 Reasons to visit Cullen Bay Day Spa and Wellness Centre to help you Destress and Relax

Ginger and Me Mindfulness Facial

“To keep the body in good health is a duty ...otherwise we  shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear” Buddha

7 Reasons to visit Cullen Bay Day Spa and Wellness Centre to help you Destress and Relax

Research has indicated that stress is a contributing factor to  Chronic pain. Stress and pain both affect the body in similar ways by triggering a response in the nervous system .  If the body remains in chronic stress and pain on an ongoing basis this can have a serious impact on overall well-being.

1. Give your body a break. Continual stress on the body leads to many chronic health conditions including high blood pressure cancer and heart disease -
Relax whilst you sit in our Pedicure area or out on our wooden deck area and look out onto the  tranquil water views of Cullen Bay Marina before you experience our amazing massages

- Aromatherapy and warm stone , aromatic warm stone massage, remedial. ( HICAPS health fund rebate is available ) , swedish , pregnancy  or post natal

2. Help your brain work properly. Too much stress can make it hard to think clearly and make good decisions. It's also linked to mental health issues including anxiety and depression.

3. Sleep better. Relaxation is key to a good night's sleep.Diffuse or apply essentiaon oils like our DoTERRA Lavender Peace or AromaTouch blends .

4.  Keep your emotions in check.  A person under stress is more inclined to snap at others. what car you have more control and make better decisions. Try Our DoTERRA Balance & Peace blends .

5.  Achieve more in your work or studies. Reasoning and problem solving is enhanced by settled State of Mind.  

6.  Help others stay calm . Stress has an atmospheric quality :  it can be catching. Conversely cultivating a sense of calm can benefit others.

7. Laugh . See  the funny side of things as laughing  increases the diameter of the arteries during times of stress. Good blood flow helps oxygenate the body promoting good health. So taking control of your thoughts and interpreting a situation in a positive way can help influence your feelings, behaviour & actions  leading to a healthier outcome for your mind and body.

5 Simple relaxation techniques to try

1 Mindfulness

Take five minutes and focus on being present in your experience of the world at that moment Spending time in the moment while maintaining and awareness of your senses helps to dispel tension.  During our 1 hour mindfulness Ginger and Me Facials you get to close your eyes and focus on your breathing through your nose and out through your mouth and you will be guided through a visual form of meditation.

Guided imagery as a form of meditation has been studied for over 25 years and research concludes it can enhance holistic well-being creativity and performance in a wide range of disciplines from sports to academia,  based on an understanding of the Mind Body connection this technique offers are striking example of The Power of Positive Thinking and may:

  • help with the management of chronic pain.

  • reduce headaches

  • assist with depression and anxiety

  • reduce blood pressure and respiration rate

  • lower cholesterol

  • reduce blood glucose levels enhance immune function reduce nausea and fatigue after chemotherapy

  • promote healing after surgery decrease the need for post-operative pain relief

  • promote weight loss

  • improve performance in sporting activities

  • improve creativity and performance for writers actors and singers

2 Aromatherapy essential oils

Essential oils not only help us relax but help  raise the vibrational energy of our physical body .

When a person is in a super healthy state ( mind, body , spirit ) the body lives in higher  energetic vibrations and therefore lower energies such as suppressed emotions become unbearable and the body wants to release these feelings such as stagnant anger, sadness, grief judgement,  low self worth - such low vibrations cannot co-exist in an environment of balance and peace which essential oils help create .

Essential oils help with  five stages of healing:

1 healing the physical body.

2 healing the heart.

3 releasing limiting beliefs.

4 increase spiritual awareness and connection.

5 inspire the fulfilment of our life's purpose.

This can be obtained by incorporating health wellbeing habits by learning to use your essential oils daily in different ways - aromatically, topically or internally ( Therapeutic grade oils as they are 7 times more potent than herbs ie herbal teas ) . Book in for a body scan at Cullen Bay Day Spa to see which essential oils you need and offer 25 % savings when we create your own online wholesale account.

3  Deep breathing

Spend 5 minutes focusing on your breathing twice a day. I'm sure you are sitting up straight and feeling comfortable with no distractions. Turn the phone off if you can. Close your eyes place one hand on your stomach and slowly inhale through your nose to the count of 4, feeling the breath begin ito fill your lungs,  hold your breath for a count of 7, then exhale for a count of 8 , exhale slowly out through your mouth imagining stress and tension leaving your body.

4   Massage

  • Increase energy levels, improve concentration and enhances the release of oxytocin a hormone with a calming effect on muscles mind and mood.

  • Help reduce the stress response in the body including the reduction of the stress hormone cortisol which is associated with negative health outcomes affecting our wellbeing  such as weight gain , fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, addictions and depression.

  • Improve joint mobility.

  • Support good circulation.

  • Prolonged stress can manifest in chronically tight muscles. Massage eases this physical symptom of stress with  flow on benefits for mental and emotional well-being.

  • Aches & pains from  tight muscles are also reduced.

You can add on a relaxing Aromatherapy Hydrotherapy spa bath with refreshments to help relax your muscles and hydrate your cells. You can choose to alo add sea weed algae to detox your body or mineral sea salts to replenish and relax your muscles 

5  Gratitude inventory

Each night when you go to bed take a few minutes to think of 3 things you have to be grateful for you can also write this in a journal. Next think of three things that went right during the day. Let go of any negativity and  end your day with positive thoughts. It's a great way to unwind before settling down to sleep.

Before going to bed hydrate your skin and relax with the smell the beautiful native plant based aromas when you apply Ginger and Me body products - choice of 3 messages - Be Happy, Be grateful - Be Brave.


Based on Australian natives of Kakadu Plum, Banksia Oil and Jojoba Oil, precious oils from Brazil and the Amazon, Murumuru Butter, Capuacu Butter, Tamonol Oil, Inchi Inchi and enough cosmeceutical strength from actives; Seabuckthorn Oil, Hydroviton Plus, Sodium Hyaluronate, Maxilip, Whiten and more to ensure the products make a visible difference to the skin.

Cullen Bay Day Spa 1/64 Marina Bve, Cullen Bay, NT, 0820
T: 0449660958

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