Natural solutions to a BETTER & NEW YOU - 2018

My 10 year old son was overwhelmed with tears of JOY at Christmas when he received his year 4 report card from Essington Primary School  . He had received 8 A's 5B's adn 3 C's ...a year ago it was all C's and 1 D.  I WISH I TAPED HIM  ON MY show peope his amazed and joyful reaction.

His school report also wrote his Attitude had improved and he was more focused in Class !.... so if a 10 year old can improve so can an Adult right?

YES..we can if we can change our habits through our subconcious mind, and make a comittment and enjoy the cahnges yes we can.  My husband and I  BOTH had to change in order to inspire and motivate our son to change also .

This is my story of how we improved our lives by making some healthy changes and I hope it helps you and your family.

Have a look on the Cullen Bay Day Spa facebook page for weekly classes and webinars that are held at Cullen Bay Day Spa  by Marii Oblescuk Time to Transform  where I discuss the  natural benefits of Doterra Certified Therapeutic Grade essential oils and how to use them.

Six months ago around JUNE 2017 , my husband  suffered from muscle crampes , aches & pains in his back and shoulders. He would wake up at least 4 times at night . He would get run down and break out in a red rash on his face avery 8 weeks from being  overworked or if we went on a plane overseas he would always catch something on the plane ride back.

Both of us were not exercsising , always tired, and apathetiic ( ie not smiling, emotionless) . We both worked long hours in our businesses for many years and our son was overweight (despite playing tennis 3 x a week), moody, not sleeping well and not doing well at school. I started asking myself what could I do to imrpove things and out of the blue I was introduced to these amazing essential oils.  I am a true believer of the power of the mind and how the universe can send you messages to help you..but most people ignore them or do not take action because of life's distractions ...

I started working on myself to improve my energy levels and taking the supplements int he Vitality pack and Smart & Sassy metabolic essential oil blend in my water daily . I also applied citrus bliss and elevation oil blends to my body with fractionated coconut oilafter my shower in the morning  and used Motivate oil blend in the difusser at work and Intune focus behind my neck and ears and Frankinsence down my spine and temples and a drop under my tong daily. After 2 weeks I started to feel more energy and I also felt like exercising.  My husband noticed the difference in me so he started using the suplements also and the essential oils and ice blue essential oil & Deep Blue rub to reduce the pain in his body .

Within 1 month we were both feeling better we started to give our son Doterra's  a2z supplements for Children , PB assist Jr for digestion and IQ mega with omega suplements . He started to change , he had more energy to exercise in the morning before school, he imrpoved at tennis and at school.  We also difussed lavander essential oils at night so he slept better  and applied Onguard under his feet ( diluted) to help strenthen his immune system. We removed any processed food he was eating and just maintained his daily fruit, vegetables and salalds thet he ate normally. 

Six months later we are changed people. My husband sleeps better, doesn't get sick, doesn't wake up at night doesn't suffer from pain, exercises, has lost weight, smiles, feels better and has more fun with our son. I am happier, more energetic, optomistic and my son says I'm more fun now. I exercise and have more mind clarity to write and be creative .

My son has changed and improved in many ways and I am so greatful that he is learning healthy natural habits at a young age.  There are many issues that the young generation have to deal with these days and I believe if they embrace and learn healthy habits from their parents ( that will improve their mind body & spirit) they will be stronger and more able to cope  and excel to reach their full potential in the future, no matter what obstaclesthey face.  If a person is strong and healthy mentally, emotionally & physically they can deal with stress better and make better decisions under pressure. They will have more GRIT,- which stands for  GUTS - RESILIANCE - INITIATIVE & TENACITY.  

Many parents think its the school and the teachers that need to teach their child to succedd in life but i believe parents are the first and major teachers for their children. Who would you believe and respect enough to listen to ...a stanger or your parent? 


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