What type of nail polish should you have? SNS , Gel, Acrylics, Shellac, Low Tox nail polish ?

Nowadays, getting a manicure is a tricky business. Whereas before, all you had to worry over was your agonising selection from the colour wall, a trip to the nail salon in 2019 is a lot more complicated.

After choosing your shape (coffin, squoval, ballerina or almond?) and your design, the next question to ponder over is this: what technique are you using?

While Shellac, hard gel or acrylic might be the usual suspects, 'SNS' is gaining traction.

Also known as 'dip powder' nails, SNS is a technique that results in a quickly-applied, flexible and comfortable manicure, perfect for solid colours and clean lines.
Interested in the finer details? 

Read on…

What is SNS?
SNS stands for Signature Nail Systems. It’s not nail polish, but nail powder: after a clear gel base coat is applied, you dip your fingertips into a pot of finely milled powder, which sticks to the still-wet base. 

The process is repeated to build thickness and colour intensity, then buffed to smooth out any bumps and sealed with a glossy top coat. 
SNS stands for Signature Nail Systems. 

SNS comes in an array of pigmented powders which provide the colour instead of a polish or gel. After the sealant is applied, the powder only sticks to that area, meaning manicure are less messy and quicker to apply.

What are the benefits of SNS?
SNS usually is cheaper then acrylic nails and is reported to be better for your natural nails as the powder formula contains nail-fortifying calcium and other minerals. It can be applied to almost any nail, no matter how short. 

Also it doesn't require the use of a UV light to seal or harden the manicure, the process is often quicker and easier.

It requires the very little filing of the nails, so they are left in a better condition than after acrylic nail manicures.

How do they feel?
SNS nails feel light, look natural and are generally more flexible and durable than a gel or Shellac option.

How much do they cost?
SNS nails can range from $35 to $75 for a full set ( depending on the salon ) and last about 2-4 weeks (depending on the environment) before needing a refill.

How do you remove SNS nails?
SNS nails can be removed at home if you have the required equipment, but we would recommend having them removed by a technician as there is the potential to damage the natural nail if done incorrectly.

SNS recommends that you do not refill Gelous Color. 

It is much better for the nails if you soak the old Gelous Color off and start the process from the beginning.

SNS is removed by soaking your nails in acetone. Like most manicure techniques, the damage is in the removal, not the application (especially if it’s filed off), and acetone is known to weaken and dehydrate both the nail and surrounding skin. So we recommend using hand creams that help nourish your hands & strengthen your nails like our Ginger & Me hand creams . 

Are the SNS colours good?

The SNS nail colours are extensive, although perhaps not as limitless as shellac or gel. 

It is hard to gauge how the colour will turn out as it is in a powder form & least with other nail polishes you can see the polish in the bottle and how that colour will look if applied on the nail.

 Final Tip 

 Whatever mani method you choose, make sure you have regular breaks to give your nails a chance to breath. Your nails need Oxygen to stay strong and healthy.

Alternatively, try our Low Tox Nail polish like ZOYA that is Free of Formaldehyde & Toluene and is preferred if painting your nails  during pregnancy.

 SNS Nail colour range

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