How you can benefit from Health & Lifestyle Coaching

So, what is Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coaching?

Holistic Health & Lifestyle coaching is aimed at bringing about sustainable and prolonged behaviour changes. A health coach challenges their client to look inward and bring forward their challenges and core values. 

This is done by facilitating conversations to really seek what a client holds in their heart and what are their true goals in life. Healthy  behaviours such as how we think about food, how we view ourselves, how we feel and how we act, all effect how we perform in our daily life. 

But it’s not just about nutrition. Health coaching can help you become aware of yourself more wholly and allow you to really come into your own, build your confidence, and let you take control of your life. Whether it’s that promotion at work that you have been wanting, a change in your career, your family life, training or exercise, or just coming to understand who you are and what you really want out of life. A health coach can help unlock your full potential. 

What a Health Coach is NOT

A health coach will not be someone to just give you answers. Advice is something that may be offered, but it is not the status quo in coaching. A good coach will offer a supportive and nurturing environment for their client to grow into their full potential. A coach will not tell you exactly what to eat and when, and how much training that you should be getting in to your week, they will help guide you to your own definitions of health and work through any challenges that arise. 

By doing this, a client is able to be in full control, rather than having that control taken away from you, you will find the answers in yourself. 

If you find a ‘health coach’ who is willing to tell you exactly what to do, then they are not there to individually support you, but more push their view on health.. 

How Health Coaching can help you

Every single person is different and there is no one true size fits all answer to health, no matter what diet is trending now, it may or may not work for you. It can be overwhelming to take on a new path and maintain those new behaviours, and that’s where a health coach comes in. Facilitating conversations to help you understand where you are wanting to be in your life and helping you understand your strengths and potential challenges will create long lasting changes in your life and leave you in the driver’s seat.

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