Cryó Facelift (8g Pod)

$50.00 inc GST

Additional Information

Applying a Vanessa Megan™ Ice Cube treatment improves circulation and immediately helps speed up functional recovery, eliminates puffiness, boosts the skin’s natural glow and reduces inflammation and signs of aging.

This advanced organic natural skin care serum has been formulated to help plump, lift and firm the skin.

Scientifically proven IBR-Dormin® helps deliver a visible firming and plumping effect on the skin, while Vitamin C-rich native Quandong extract and moisture-rich Hyaluronic Acid join together with fast-acting herbal extracts to help combat wrinkles, puffiness and dehydration. This in turn helps to repair and regenerate the skin to promote a radiant glow equal to an extra night’s sleep.