Mini Perfume Trio Collection – Noir & Blanc Set

$100.00 inc GST

Spritz perfume directly onto skin to allow the heat of your body to activate the oils. Focus on pulse points, such as wrists and neck. You can also spritz on hair and clothing to prolong smell.

Harvest Natural Perfume – 10ml

Wild Woud Natural Perfume – 10ml

August Natural Perfume – 10ml

Monarch Natural Perfume – 10ml

Liliquoi Natural Perfume – 10ml

Aether Natural Perfume – 10ml

Additional Information

“My most vivid and deepest memories are evoked with a scent.”

We have transformed our original mini collection of four into two Perfume Trio Collections!


Whether your fragrance preference is floral and balancing or woody and energising, our two collections allow you to discover our range of scents so you can find your favourite.

Our 100% natural compositions are kind to your body and keep all creatures great and small free from harm.

Wear individually or layer for a more exotic fragrance. Each scent offers unique aroma therapy benefits.