Skin Ritual Kit

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This Christmas, GINGER&ME Neurocosmedics  gifts you four Skin Ritual Kits carefully curated to  capture the perfect balance between a luxurious,  sensorial product experience and cosmedical results.

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Each skin essential combination includes a Cleanser,  Power Exfoliant Mask as a weekly booster, active  morning Hydrator and an evening with the crème  de la crème of decadent and NEW Treatment  Hydrating Balms; so lush that if you close your eyes,  you’ll feel as if you’ve been transported to your  favourite five-star spa!

The Balms – Protect, Lifting, Brightening and  Clear – are 100% natural, plant-based butters  blended with Turmeric, Coconut, Jojoba and  Meadowfoam Seed Oil as well as Shea Butter,  chosen for their barrier restoring properties.  These rich and lightweight balms prevent TEWL  (Trans Epidermal Water Loss), are rich in GLA  (Gamma-Linoleic Acid), Omega 6 and high in anti inflammatory properties to restore and support skin  barrier function. Pure luxury in application, silk in  afterfeel.

Skin Ritual Kits 

Protect – Nutri-Luxe Cleansing Oil, Power Exfoliant  Mask, SOS Relief Cream and Protect Skin Balm

Clearing – AHA Milk-Gel Cleanser, Power Exfoliant  Mask, Medi-Control Lotion and Clear Skin Balm

All kits include a gorgeous hemp and leather-look  trimmed cosmetic case, perfect for every day or  travel (valued at RRP $49.95) FREE.