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How RF frequency works

Radio and high frequency technology is applied for precise removal of minor skin irregularities such as sebaceous hyperplasia, blocked pores, broken capillaries (also known as thread veins, red veins), spider naevicherry angioma, fibromas, skin tagsacne pimplesmilia and cholesterol deposits. The technique is simple and effective and does not harm surrounding tissue.

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How many treatments are required

It depends on what is being treated but in most cases 1-3 treatments may be required initially. This will be discussed during your consulatation or review. With some conditions it is reasonable to expect maintenance treatments from time to time.


Starting from $100 -  depends on number of skin irregularities and time taken.

Expected side effects

Discomfort :

Radio frequency can cause a mildly uncomfortable hot pricking sensation

Redness / Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation :

There is pink / redness present straight after your treatment and it may last two days or as long as two weeks. Redness can be reduced by having an red LED treatment immediately after the procedure. In a darker skin type, temporary post inflammatory hyperpigmentation may occur. If the area is still irritated at the end of the night, apply some antiseptic ointment or medicated powder. Keep the area dry during the day.

Scabbing & itching :

Your skin may develop small pink scabs that may be itchy. Resistant the temptation to rub or pick them as this may casue a prolonged healing time and / or scarring. Any scab should fully resolve within four weeks and turn a light pink and then mature to match your normal skin. 

Possible risks and complications :

  • Blisters, burn
  • Scarring
  • Pigmentation changes
  • Infection

How to care for your skin after treatment

  • Avoid all strong corrective serums and scrubs until all signs of redness and irritation are gone.
  • Keep the area clean and dry and apply Medical antibacterial powder twice a day for 3-7 days.
  • It is essential to have sun block / SPF on during the daytime and even during the winter season and on cloudy and rainy days
  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • When cleansing the face or showering, use mild products with no alcohol ingredients.
  • Pat the area dry instead of rubbing it dry as rubbing may remove the scabs prematurely.
  • Do not use any other form of peeling or bleaching products for at least 21 days.


 Video Demonstration - removal of red veins, sun spots , fibromas (age spots, sun spots)


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