Menopausal Skin


At menopause, our skin starts to produces slightly less collagen and elastic fibers. Collagen is the supportive protein structure of the skin, and elastic fibers provide the ability to bounce back. So the drop in collagen and elastic fibers accelerates wrinkling and sagging.

Menopause can begin in early 50's but usually 5-10 years  earlier ie in 35 - 40 years of age. Women can experience the folowing skin conditions:

  • pre- menopausal acne
  • pigment and melasma ( increased melanin caused by hormones not sun)
  • loss of firmness & plumpness


Skin rejuvenation with IPL and Lasers 
Facial Peels
CIT Collagen induction Therapy ( Skin Needling) 
Injectables with botox and Filers ( Non Surgical face lift) 
Babor Sea Creations Facial 
HSR lifting and Ultimate  Anti-ageing facial 

Lasers  and IPL light therapy that build collagen

Long-wave lasers are known to build collagen . Photorejuvenation with intense pulse light devices, or IPLs, also sends a signal to the skin to make more collagen. With these treatments, the texture and tone of the skin should all improve some. These are not dramatic but every little bit helps. Five monthly treatments should give you results, followed by once or twice a year for maintenance. Used over many years, they can help to maintain a youthful appearance to skin.

Injectables that build collagen  

The only injectable that really builds collagen currently is Sculptra. Sculptra is a different form of lactic acid our muscles naturally produce. When it is injected, the Sculptra sends a signal to the cells that make collagen to make more of it. Gradually the Sculptra is absorbed by the body, just like lactic acid in our muscles. Patients end up with more collagen and more youthful skin.  

Our Visiting Cosmetic physician visits monthly and you can book via email [email protected] via our online webform or  by calling us on 89 411 522 


Creams that build collagen.  Anything that builds collagen in your skin will help to maintain that youthful thickness, glow, and reflectivity. Renova/Tazorac/Retin-A/tretinon are all names for prescription vitamin-A creams. These are still the gold standard for collagen-building creams in the skin. There is 20 years of good data and millions of satisfied patients to support using these vitamin-A cousins, also called retinoids. There is also evidence to support using good-quality vitamin-C serums to build collagen.

Ultimate Repair Cleanser

BIOGEN CELLULAR Ultimate Repair Cleanser                                                          
Mild, regenerating cleansing milk

Micro Ultimate ECM Repair Serum

BIOGEN CELLULAR Ultimate Repair Serum 
Effective active concentrate to regenerate skin 

Ultimate Repair Gel-Cream

BIOGEN CELLULAR Ultimate Repair Gel-Cream
Highly effective, intensively regenerating facial gel cream

Intensive Repair Cream

ADVANCED BIOGEN Intensive Repair Cream
A rich, intensively moisturizing cream for skin in extreme need of regeneration

Collagen Booster Fluid

Collagen Booster Fluid                                                                                        
Active ingredient concentrate that combats loss of skin elasticity

Hyaluronic Collagen Booster Fluid

DERMA CELLULAR HYaluronic Collagen Booster Fluid
The effective alternative to wrinkle injection fillers

Derma Cellular Collagen Booster Set

DERMA CELLULAR Collagen Booster set
Contains 3 Collagen Booster Fluids, the Collagen Booster Cream and the Anti-wrinkle booster for lips.

Ultimate Vitamin C Booster Concentrate

DERMA CELLULAR Ultimate Vitamin C Booster Concentrate
An effective active concentrate that contains 20% pure vitamin C derivative.

Extra-Firming Cream RICH

HSR lifting Extra-Firming Cream Rich
Luxurious lifting cream with unique anti-wrinkle effect

Extra-Firming Foam Mask

HSR lifting Extra-Firming Foam Mask
Luxurious foam mask with unique anti-wrinkle effect

 Babor Sea Creations Luxurious anti- ageing products with Sea Alage caviar  

SeaCreation The Serum SeaCreation The Serum
The source of deep-seated beauty
SeaCreation THE SERUM
SeaCreation THE CREAM SeaCreation THE CREAM
The source of deep-seated beauty
SeaCreation THE CREAM
SeaCreation The Eye Cream SeaCreation The Eye Cream
The source of deep-seated beauty

Exfoliants .  Creams that help to shed the outer, dead layer of the skin build collagen because they send a signal to the deeper layers of the skin to become more active. These are gentle scrubs, and there are many good ones on the market. Don’t over do these, particularly if you have sensitive skin. Twice a week is fine. If you have very tough, oily skin, we recommend offects exfoliating polish by ZO Skin Health . Alpha and beta hydroxy acids are known to build collagen as well so we recommend 


If you are unsure about your skin condition, treatments or products you might need, we can advise you during a Skin Consultation (with Visa Analysis). If you would like to book in for this please click here to complete a skin consultation form and select an appropriate time for us to speak with you, or contact us with your enquiry.

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