Body Cocoon


Dr BABOR Cellulite  WRAP

A comprehensive body treatment to reduce the appearance of all types of cellulite targeting Aqueous, Adipose or Fibrous cellulite.
Individually tailored to each client, this 75min treatment begins with Slimming Peeling/Wrap, the infusion of body serums chosen
for their action on a specific cellulite type and a tonic massage to infuse the professional serum.

*90 min treatment – add on a Babor mini facial with face & scalp massage.

Continue the treatment at home with DR Babor Body Cellular Ultimate 3D Cellulite Lotion.
The innovative active complex of hexapeptide 39, forskolin and caffeine reduces fat deposits and activates fat breakdown.
In addition, the Collagen Booster Peptide promotes the firmness of the connective tissue and smoothes the surface of the skin.
Unevenness caused by fat deposits appears less visible, and the skin’s surface is left looking smoother, firmer and more even.
Note: A balanced diet low in fat and sugar, regular exercise and physical activity enhance the effectiveness of the product.








Shaping & Firming Body Cocoon                                                                                                            

For silky smooth & firm skin great for brides & new mums. You will love the smell of our creamy cranberry body scrub as your skin is softened & massaged with our rich  lifting body cream that firms the tissue & improves skin' stone & elasticity and protects against premature ageing & environmental stress . The shaping body range contains vitamin C & stem cell extracts helping the skin to regenerate and slow down the ageing process from free radical damage due to sun exposure & environmental stress. In addition it contains an active complex that activates microcirculation stimulating fat break down, reducing excess fat deposits formation & forms a toning film on the skin.

* 75 min treatment includes a mini facial with face & scalp massage.

The Shaping for Body line - to improve your figure & skin Shaping complex to stimulate fat breakdpown, reduce fat storage & upress formation of fat cells. Anti- aging effects with stem cells from Elsberry.

Firming shower foam with sweet cherry & silky extracts, Body peeling with shaping complex & stem cells & mineralising water from Aachen Hot  Springs, Body lotion, Lifting body cream, Vitamin  ACE body cream


60 min

75 min 



Relaxing Aromatherapy body Cocoon

Choose from our BABOR aromatherapy blends:
Energizing Lime Mandarin - Awakens your inner self with an energizing aroma.
Relaxing Lavender Mint - Relaxes your inner self with a calming aroma.
Balancing Cashmere Wood – Strengthens your inner self with a sultry, warm aroma.

Begin your spa ritual with an exfoliating remineralising sea salt scrub combined with your personalised aromatic blend to
smooth and energise the skin... then enjoy a relaxing massage with your aromatic blend of choice.
*75 min treatment includes a sothys mini facial with face & scalp massage.

You can also purchase the aromatherapy oils included in our body gift sets which are hydrating after a shower or just use for massage. 

60 min

75 Min



Energising Aromatherapy body cocoon

Begin your spa ritual with a re-energising sea salt & lime mandarin essential oil scrub to smooth & energise the skin before your relaxing massage with energising movements followed by our hydrating body wrap. 

60 min


Stimulating & Firming Massage Therapy

Compliments DR BABOR CELLULITE WRAP . An express stimulating & firming massage of 45 min helps detox and redefines the body contour.
Best done weekly for faster results or alternate week.

45 min  




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