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Please choose 1 of the 3 booking options below:


If you know which treatments, date & time & you don’t have a Gift voucher, a full payment is required
If not sure refer to online treatment menu for spa, beauty & skin treatments & packages or website for more details. 


If you are 1 person using 1 voucher or a couple booking a couples gift voucher 


Any other type of booking please provide all information & payment details for each person below so we can respond within 48 hours. Please provide all required information to expedite your booking & appreciate your patience as we attend to spa clients and urgent matters.

Please provide all details for each person wishing to book. If you are booking for one person please fill out the first person fields, scroll to the bottom of the form and click the ‘next’ button and then ‘submit’

If you’d like to pay via PayPal please click the link below & email a screenshot of the payment to 
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Cullen Bay Day Spa 
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Copy bank details above to pay after completing & submitting the form.
Please write your full name as payment reference &  email a screenshot of payment to 

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