Relaxing & Therapeutic
Spa Massages

Holistic Massage & Energy therapies heal you mentally, emotionally & physically by helping you shift lower vibrational mental thoughts and emotions that create energy blocks, tension & physical pain in the body. All massages include a holistic wellness consultation and energy scan to customise the treatment to address your emotional, mental and physical needs.

We offer a wellness consultation prior to all massages & a couples massage room is available if available at time of booking.

Relaxing Aromatherapy & Warmstone Massage

60 Min | $185

Relax & unwind tired bodies suffering from overuse or stress. Therapeutic essential oils of with relaxing movements will leave you feeling renewed.

*Can Add on SOC protocol 1 or 2 

Aromatouch Massage

45 Min | $155

AromaTouch is a relaxing massage applying 8 DoTERRA therapeutic grade essential oils down your back, spine & under the feet to stimulate known body meridians and energy zones while balancing body systems and functions i.e. nervous, digestive, respiratory & brain.

Benefits : The Balance and Lavender assists the body to relax & reduce stress.

Tea Tree and Onguard offer Immune Support. AromaTouch & Ice Blue reduce inflammation, release physical tension & soothe joints.

Wild Orange & Peppermint offer emotional support & bring you to a state of openness.

Self Care – You can purchase DoTERRA Aromatouch kit to use at home.

Symphony of the Cells Protocol (Massage Treatment add on)

60 Min | from $185

Symphony of the Cells™ offers different essential oil protocols to adress a specific issue create harmony mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually within the body.

The energy scan helps highlight which emotions are impacting various body systems.

We offer a variety of  SOC oils protocols to reduce the impact of stress & help balance and re- energise body systems  & functions that impact our physical health and emotional wellbeing.

SOC protocals include – Hormonal, Inflammation, Digestive, Celluar Energy, Cardiovascular, Emotional Balance, Respiratory & Sensory.

(*Some protocols may vary in price due to the oils used and needs a price adjustmentstarting from $20 )

Self Care – You can purchase DoTERRA Family Essential starter kit to use at home for SOC protocol 1 & 2.

Chakra Balancing Massage

60 Min | $185

Form of energy healing that identifies energy blockages in the seven chakra energy points that can negatively impact our physical and mental wellbeing. Each chakra energy relates to a specific body area and life.

We use DoTERRA essential oil blends, massage and energetic techniques to increase energy flow by balancing the emotional/mental and energy aspects of each chakra.

  • Crown Central nervous system, corresponds to the pituitary gland.

  • Third Eye –  eyes , corresponds corresponds to the pineal gland . 

  • Throat  – Neck, shoulders and arms corresponds to the Thyroid gland.

  • Heart – Lungs and heart corresponds to the Thymus gland.

  • Solar plexus – Digestive system and lower back, corresponds to the pancreas gland.

  • Sacral – Kidneys bladder genitals and the uterus, corresponds to the ovaries & testes.

  • Root- Legs, feet, skeletal system, muscle tissue of the body & to the immune system . It corresponds to the adrenal glands. Governs safety, stability, belonging.

Self Care – You can purchase our Chakra blends or make your own with a DoTERRA essential oils.


15 MIN | $40 (Massage Add On)

A therapeutic foot treatment that uses finger walking, pressure-point massage and DoTERRA therapeutic grade essential oils to re-energize the body and promote self-healing.

Supports body systems (immune, digestive, hormonal, cardiovascular, respiratory ) 

Mood management & anxious feelings 

Boost stamina and energy

Support mental clarity promote overall health

Full Body Swedish
Relaxation Massage

60 Min | $185

Relaxing massage without aromatherpy oils, light or medium pressure.

Back, Neck & Leg Massage

45 MIN | $155

Relaxing massage with aromatherpy oils, light or medium pressure. 

*30 min back neck & leg massage $115 only available as an add on to 1 hour facial treatment.

Sports & Deep Tissue

60 MIN | $185

Relaxing massage with aromatherpy oils, firm pressure.

Remedial Massage

60 Min | $185

HICAPS Private Health Card rebate available with Remedial massage therapist – *subject to availability.

Pregnancy Massage

60 MIN | $185

After first trimester, for the wellbeing of mother & baby, energy levels are increased & discomfort is alleviated, while aiding in the prevention of stretch marks and improving circulation during pregnancy or post natal.

We use a Pregnancy Pillow for the client to lie facedown and have a relaxing back massage.

We can also offer advice on using essential oils during pregnancy to improve sleep, energy and moods and post pregnancy to help tighten the skin & reduce the appearance of stretch marks & cellulite.

For bookings, enquiries or to purchase a voucher please call or text us on 0449660958. Alternatively you can email us at 

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Great birthday gift ! Very relaxing and the massage worked a treat on my legs especially. Loosened up tight calves and hugely reduced numb tingling in my toes [pinched nerve?] Work on the knots in my shoulders worked well also. Appreciate advise on alignment faults identified and exercise recommendations. Really need to go back regularly I think.
– Phil Burgess

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