Cullen Bay Day Spa

At Cullen Bay Day Spa, we believe that beauty, relaxation, and skin health are a core part of overall holistic wellness. That’s why Cullen Bay Day Spa has evolved in response to changing lifestyles, going beyond the traditional spa services to offer integrated wellness services, education and self-care products for men, women and children.

We are open only by appointment so please book online or contact us via email or text or call 0449660958

Our team of beauty and wellbeing experts are passionate about making clients feel confident and comfortable as well as giving back and supporting our local community with our Wellness Workshops. Cullen Bay Day Spa proudly support local charities, including the Starlight Foundation which works to help children recover from illness. 

Wellness Community

In addition to our beautiful spa situated on the Cullen Bay Marina, we have an active online wellness community. Time to Transform and Wellness Workshops help people, create lasting friendships and learn to live a wellness focused life. Through this, men and woman have been able to improve their emotional, physical and financial wellbeing. 

Our Brands

With a commitment to clean beauty and using ethically sourced, philanthropic centred brands like DoTERRA, Cullen Bay Day Spa makes a global positive impact. Through the Healing Hands community development projects in doTERRA Co-Impact Sourcing areas,  we have been able to support employment, education and housing opportunities for less fortunate farming communities in over 45 countries.

About Marii

Cullen Bay Day Spa owner Marii experienced déjà vu the minute she first walked into the spa in 2007.  She took over the business whilst eight months pregnant in 2007, and now, in addition to being a busy mum, Marii lives and breathes business, skin health & wellness lifestyle design.

Marii is driven to help people make time to connect with themselves and find peace and purpose, that, in turn, helps them create an impact from a place of clarity and confidence. Her vision is to inspire a healthy, happy and resilient Darwin community that evolves to become a ‘blue zone’ where a high number of individuals live over the age of 100, 

This vision inspired her to become an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach from the Institute of Integrated Nutrition (New York) and a DoTerra Wellness Advocate for preventative health, teaching families daily self-care wellness habits to reduce stress and improve nutrition, energy and emotional wellbeing.


Very thankful to Marii for the therapeutic and very relaxing spa treatment. A highly recommended spa.
– Marie Ng

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