BEYOND | Rejuvenating Night Cream

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Menopause decreases the abundance of ceramides in the stratum corneum, ceramides are lipids (fats) that are found naturally in high concentrations in the uppermost layers of skin. As hormone levels plummet, your skin can become dry, slack, and thin. Skin needs more moisture with a heavier cream. Skin cell renewal declines during this time with a lower level of sebum so skin can become dull and lack vitality if not properly looked after.

It is vital to use a night cream that is packed with natural ceramides, phytoestrogens, hyaluronic acid, amino acids, peptides and natural retinols, to help pump moisture to your dermal layers while you sleep.

Phytoestrogens are naturally occurring plant compounds that may function similarly to the estrogen the human body produces. Something that is lacking during menopause. Ceramides help hold skin together by forming a protective layer that limits moisture loss and protects against visible damage from environmental stressors. In addition, ceramides—even more than retinol and niacinamide—are one of the anti-ageing “powerhouses” responsible for supporting skin’s dynamic nature. Along with bakuchiol, rambutan is said to be one of the very best retinol substitutes, delivering age-defying benefits. Both bakuchiol and rambutan stimulate collagen production and cell turnover, helping to minimize the appearance of fine lines and hyperpigmentation while promoting a more youthful appearance. Bakuchiol has been clinically demonstrated to reduce hyperpigmentation and wrinkles as efficiently as retinol, with better skin tolerance.

  • Reduction of Fine Lines & Deep Wrinkles
  • Protective Moisture Retaining Barrier
  • Stimulates Collagen
  • Helps Increase Skins Thickness
  • Ceramide Rich for Deep Dermal Rejuvenation