COOL & CALM | Hot Flush Cooling & Relaxing Mist 9250 ml)

$70.00 inc GST

During the transition into menopause, the ovaries begin to work less effectively, and the production of hormones like estrogen and progesterone declines. Hot flushes occur when your body has a decrease in oestrogen levels, which causes your body’s thermostat to become more sensitive to body temperature, if it thinks your body is too warm, it begins a chain of events — a hot flush — to make you sweat – to cool you down.

Phytoestrogens (plant oestrogens) are substances that occur naturally in plants. They have a similar chemical structure to our own body’s oestrogen and are able to bind to the same receptors that our own oestrogen does. Using some of nature’s best phytoestrogens, we have created this mist to help relieve some of the hot flush symptoms and offer relief to these awkward moments, so you can feel calm and cool, wherever you are.

Our proprietary blend of essential oils induces a cooling sensation and is known to help balance the hormones which can reduce the symptoms of menopause, which in turn can help reduce the likelihood of hot flushes occurring.

  • Calming Effect on The Mind & Body
  • Helps Reduce Frequency of Hot Flushes
  • Helps Balance Hormonal System
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